Libertadores: A collection of eight films about the heroes of latin american independence
JOSE DE SAN MARTIN - Revolución, el cruce de los andes (Argentina)


Once San Martín takes possession of the government of Cuyo, he encounters his first grave problem: the immigration of Chilean troops head towards Mendoza, fleeing the disaster of Rancagua. A completely new economic and political structure must be devised in order to absorb or reject these forces, which bring the terrible news of having lost Chile to the Realists. These are adverse times: the entire continent has fallen into the hands of the Realists, with the exception of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata.

San Martín must create, practically from zero, a military force that could contain a possible attack from the Realists in the Andes. A new regional economic system is created, based on the redistribution of work, production and goods, together with a network of spies and counterspies, with double and triple agents, in order to disarticulate or cause confusion amongst the Realist enemies.

The definitive fall of the Northern Army forces him to expose a plan that has been obsessing him day and night: cross the Andes with a large army in order to recuperate Chile in a decisive battle.

Slowly, with much effort, the army is formed and the conditions seem favorable. The political manipulation and the ploys together with an iron will and captivating energy turns San Martín into the political and military leader that defines the first steps in the liberation of the continent.

San Martin’s plan transcends all regions. His work is so vast, so tightly executed, that any mistake could ruin it. His obsession for work and secrecy transform this man into a gloomy, distant and sometimes cruel one. His insomnia grows together will his pains. His idea consumes him both physically and mentally.

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