Libertadores: A collection of eight films about the heroes of latin american independence
Libertadores - About the project
A collection of 8 films that illustrate the work and thoughts of the most relevant figures of Latin America’s emancipation. Their stories will not only include historical facts but will also capture the human side and the ideology of each liberator.

The word Liberators is owed to them not only because they fought for the independence of their countries. Their revolutionary activity transcended to the liberation of humanity, which began in their own nations.

Each hero shared a common idea that was to create one great American motherland. This idea was based on two concepts that echo the news, in our globalized world, today:
  • Fraternity amongst people
  • Free trade with the rest of the world, founded on material, political, social and cultural progress.
Their dreams and failures as well as their defeats and triumphs were not always compensated. Yet their fight has left a legacy of hope in a more equal world. Through both their skills and their errors we will witness the making of the American diary.

The characters that we have chosen are closely linked to Spain. Not only due to political circumstances or to their common language but also because of the ideas they promoted on both sides of the Atlantic and their work, which was and still is decisive for our history.

Each film will not only convey the historical facts and biographies but will penetrate in each character, bringing us closer to them on an emotional level. Each story will be based on the following:
  • Literature. The point of view of a writer of the time
  • Popular legends on the character that has endured generation after generation
  • A possible fictional situation they might have lived – always based on objective facts
  • Their own writings
Elements of fiction will be used to tell the life and thoughts of each character so this collection of films will lean more toward drama rather than a historical documentary, thus creating 8 feature length films.

Each film will be:
  • Shot in the country of origin of each liberator
  • Acted by professional actors
  • Shot by the best directors in each country
Wanda Films (José María Morales) and Lusa Films (Sancho Gracia) will be the producers together with co-producer Television Española, who will premiere each film in Spain on television. In Latin American and the rest of the world, each film will be distributed in cinemas as well as all the main national and pan-American television channels.

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